Carl Gustav Magnusson | Industrial Designer

Can-Do Project

Can-Do Project

Can-Do, an Urban Recycling Opportunity

Quite a few city dwellers make a living collecting aluminum cans in huge plastic garbage bags and depositing them at local redemption points.

Problem: Only uncrushed cans are accepted as the bar codes on the side need to be scanned.

Solution: If crushed cans, which take up only 1/5th the space, were accepted they could increase the payload and income many fold, making streets cleaner and improve the dignity to the collector.

Three actions need to occur to manifest this:

  1. Change the rules of redemption to accept crushed cans by applying the bar code to bottom of can.

  2. Give out portable can crushers at cost of about $10.

  3. Sell, at subsidized cost, mail carts to improve the dignity of the collector.